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Series 6 Casting Rod

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The next step in our effort to bring manufacturing back to U.S. - The Series 6 Rod.  Each rod is built with the highest quality blanks, rolled right here in the U.S.A, and wrapped in our facility in Texas using the finest components.

 *Please note - rod aesthetics are subject to change.


  • Full Carbon blank rolled in the U.S.A.
  • RECOIL Stripping Guides
  • CERECOIL Micro Guides
  • American Tackle Tip Top
  • American Tackle Reel Seat
  • Cork Split Grip Handle
  • 10 guides on <=7', 11 guides on 7'3" and 7'6"
Model Length Power Action # of Guides  Applications
S6_C610_LMH-10 6'10"  Lighter Medium Heavy Fast 10+Tip  Topwater, Spinnerbaits
S6_C700_HM-9 7' Heavier Medium Fast 10+Tip  Smaller Swimbaits, Light Bladed Jigs, Hair Jigs
S6_C700_MH-11 7' Medium Heavy Fast 10+Tip Finesse Jigs, Chatterbaits, Lighter Texas Rigs 
S6_C700_H-14 7' Heavy  Fast/Moderate-Fast 10+Tip Carolina Rig, Large Jigs, Flipping/Pitching 
S6_C703_MH-11 7'3" Medium Heavy Fast/Moderate-Fast 11+Tip Texas Rigs, Jigs, Heavier Bladed Jigs 
S6_C706_MH-11 7'6" Medium Heavy Fast/Moderate-Fast 11+Tip Football Jigs, Flutterspoons, Carolina, Texas Rig Worms 
S6_C706_H-14 7'6" Heavy  Fast/Moderate-Fast 11+Tip Carolina Rig, Large Jigs, Flipping/Pitching 




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