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All Sixgill Fishing products are guaranteed.  We are proud of our quality and workmanship and proudly back it with a warranty to make sure you're never left high and dry.  We offer a warranty program for all manufacturing faults and defects.  All incidental and wear and tear damages are covered under our repair and service program.

Loss or Theft is not covered under our Warranty program.

All warranties are covered under the discretion of Sixgill Fishing products.  If it is determined that the issue was a result of alteration, incident, neglect, or normal wear and tear, we will repair it for a fee.


Please Select a link from Below!

For General warranty information - Warranty Information

To File a Claim - Click Here(Reels only)


 Rod Warranty

Please email with multiple pictures of the rod and break.  Please include at least (2) high quality images of the break, and (1) image of the rod handle section, with the rod name and SKU in view.  A description of how it broke may be included as well.

Please allow 3 business days for a response.