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Price shown is 50% of total amount due for 1 reel. If you wish to pay the full payment now, please follow the link below!

*Image shown is a mock up representation, the reel may vary slightly from what is shown. however we will do our best to make it as close as possible to what is shown*


  Price Breakdown

Discount Due Now Due Before Shipment in 2021 Total Amount due (before Shipping charges)
57.7% off Retail $65 $65 $130

Our Texas Project casting reel will be a triumph of American fishing industry manufacture and the culmination of our most ambitious project to date! Bringing manufacture of a low-profile casting reel back to the U.S. has been a goal and a constant under-the-radar project for us since we formed the company. The reel will be a balance from both Texas and wider US manufacturing and sourcing as well as a small percentage of components from our global suppliers, all coming together with assembly and quality control at our Southlake, Texas facility. It will balance the best aspects of our current flagship Wraith reel and our new Hamarr. The combination of our proven magnetic braking system with micro gearing and ceramic bearings means that the reel will be equally and impressively smooth on both the cast and the retrieve. Add to that the featherweight provided by carbon composite material plus our oversized carbon cranking handle and you’ve got a serious contender even before you consider that it’s coming straight out of Texas!

Features (Please note, these are currently estimations, and may change slightly from what is shown)

  • Weight: Current estimation is between 6.0 and 6.8oz
  • Capacity (lb/yds): 6/250 , 8/220 , 10/190 , 12/165 (This is based off the Hamarr reel)
  • Gear ratios: 5.5:1, 6.5:1, 7.0:1 and 8.0:1
  • Multi-disk drag system
  • Frame: Carbon composite
  • Carbon side plates for maximum durability and weight reduction
  • Lightweight aluminum drive gear, anodized for durability and corrosion resistance
  • New proprietary (patent pending) Magnetic Braking System
  • Over-sized Aluminum crank handle Or Over-sized Carbon handle
  • Ceramic Spool Bearings