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The Scythe is the pinnacle of design and innovation from Sixgill.  With a mixed blend of 30T and 36T Japanese Toray carbon, maximum sensitivity and strength are achieved.  Fuji Silicone Carbide micro guides keep your casts tight and your fights biased in your favor.  AAA grade cork handle provides superior comfort and durability while the Fuji triggered reel seat with blank access puts all of those little pulses and twitches right into your nervous system.  Exterior carbon wrap on the first third of the rod identifies its uniqueness.  Pair it with a Wraith for an extremely light weight setup!



    • Action: Fast
    • 1-piece blended 30T/36T Japanese Toray Carbon construction
    • Fuji SiC micro guides
    • Split AAA-grade cork grip
    • Fuji reel seat with blank access

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Model Length Weight (oz.) Power Handle Length # of Guides Line (lb) Lure Wt
SCYTHC700M 7'0" 4.2 M 10.5" 9 + Tip 8 - 14 3/8 - 5/8oz
SCYTHC702M 7'2" 4.2 M 11" 9 + Tip 8 - 14 3/8 - 5/8oz
SCYTHC700MH 7'0" 4.5 MH 10.5" 9 + Tip 12 - 20 1/2 - 1oz
SCYTHC703MH 7'3" 4.8 MH 11" 9 + Tip 12 - 20 1/2 - 1oz
SCYTHC706MH 7'6" 4.9 MH 11" 10 + Tip 12 - 20 1/2 - 1oz
SCYTHC706H 7'6" 5.45 H 11" 10 + Tip 25 - 50 3/4 - 1 1/2oz

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Warranty Information

All Sixgill Fishing products are guaranteed. We are proud of our quality and workmanship and proudly back it with a warranty to make sure you're never left high and dry. We offer a warranty program for all manufacturing faults and defects. All incidental and wear-and-tear damages are covered under our repair and service program; this sort of damage is separate from that covered by warranty replacement. Loss or Theft is not covered under our Warranty program. All warranties are covered at the discretion of Sixgill Fishing products. If it is determined that the issue was a result of alteration, incident, neglect, or normal wear-and-tear, and isn't a defect, we will repair it for a fee. LIMITED LIFETIME ROD WARRANTY Scythe, Myakka, and Cypress Series rods are covered by our limited lifetime warranty for the original owner. Rods broken by incidental damage of any type are not covered by warranty. New sections may be available for purchase if available. Broken guides are not covered under warranty. Saltwater damage is not covered under warranty. We highly suggest rinsing all products after use in saltwater.


19 Reviews

  • 5
    Scythe Casting Reel

    Published by Mark A Stogsdill on 19th Jan 2022

    Using with the Hamarr casting reel, by far the best combo in my arsenal. Would recommend these two together to anyone. My buddies are now buying !!

  • 5
    Scythe 7'6"

    Published by Royce Hargrove on 4th Nov 2021

    Perfect for pitching and flipping. I swear I can feel a fish looking at my lure.

  • 5
    Scythe casting rod

    Published by David Edmonds on 22nd Jul 2021

    So far I have been loving mine super sensitive with the strength to really set the hook on a monster. Feel like I'm more accurate with my cast with this rod, not sure if thats possible but sure seems like I'm spot on In placement with this rod. Can feel the slightest nibble with the Scythe. Like they always say " you get what you pay for" and this rod delivers.

  • 5

    Published by Terrell Hull Jr on 21st Jul 2021

    This series is phenomenal if you as me. I use a 7’m/mh can’t remember off the top of my head for burst bug jig flipping and I’ve up my jig fish number tremendously. The sensitivity and feel is amazing!!

  • 5
    My Favorite rod hands down. The sensitivity and backbone are amazing.

    Published by Naham Vann King on 16th Jul 2021

    My favorite rod. Before sixgill. I fished using primarily st Croix rods. After using a couple sixgill rods. I completely switched over. The customer service is like no other.

  • 3

    Published by Nap128 on 7th Nov 2018

    Rod broke in 3 pieces !!! While reeling in fish the rod tip broke in 2 pieces from rest of rod ! Called and told what happened ,they sent a new one out and haven’t used it yet . Loved the weight and sensitivity. Just hope it was a fluke thing . Won’t use it till spring now

  • 5
    senstive rod

    Published by cary on 1st Jun 2018

    Have along used one day so for caught a lot 2-3 lb bass
    Very sensitive rod light weight paired with wraith reel great combination will order more in future keep up the good work guys great products

  • 5
    Hot Rod

    Published by Paul Harper on 1st Jun 2018

    Great Rod. Love it.

  • 5

    Published by Kenneth Davis on 21st May 2018

    The Scythe, this is the best rod in my opinion that SixGill makes. Also the best I have used. I'm sure others have some that would compete with it. I'm just referring to what I have used. This is the most sensitive light weight rod with a strong backbone that I've used. It's very hard to explain how good it truely is. It's my go to rod, I have a few of them, but not nearly as many as I want. The one I use most is a 7,3ft med/heavy for texas or flipping jigs between 1/8th ounce to 1/2 ounce. I use it for hard days on the water. When everyone else is dropping ned rigs or dropshot. I use this rod and light small tackle to flip under docks. Or into bushes, heavy grass..just whatever. Trying to get to that place that the other 5 boats that hit this whole before me couldn't get to. Not only can you put the bait in a tight spot, but with this rod...the lightest tick on the line. Or a big fish just sucking the bait in whole and just sitting with it. You know it all. Then the confidence in the hookset, knowing if that fish is in heavy grass and its 8lbs. I can set that hook as hard aa I want and not worry about the rod. It can pull fish and grass out with ease. This is an amazing rod for sure. I can't wait to see what they come out with next.

  • 5
    Yeah Baby!!!

    Published by fearless5280 on 20th May 2018

    I have been with SixGill since they released their products. I have always been a huge fan! The Scythe 700M is by far the best rod they have produced to date! this rod is very light, super sensitive, the parabolic bend on this rod is amazing, it loads well while casting, and has the back bone to haul in some pigs! This rod is a high performance rod,and if your budget allows I would highly recommend getting one! SixGill products have always been great, and along with their amazing customer service I couldn't be happier with them. Anyone in the market looking to upgrade their arsenal should take a good look at SixGill products! #sixgill4life #sixgillnation