Payment plan


How does it work?

Simply select the Klarna Pay over time option in checkout on any order over $35. Enter your information as if you were placing a normal order, you will then receive the terms and instructions via email after the order has been placed.

Will this affect my Credit?

Klarna may perform a soft credit check. This type of check will not impact your credit score and it will not show up as a hard inquiry on your credit report. However, failure to pay the balance in full may cause it to go into collections.

How do the Payments work?

You will be emailed instructions from Klarna after checkout. Please be sure you are using a valid email address.

Are there any fees for using this service?

No, there are no fees or interest charges as long as the payments are made on time.

When will the items ship?

The items will ship as if the order was paid in full. We will not hold the items until the payments are completed.

Can this be used in conjunction with Sales?

Yes. This is a standard payment method now, and may be used along with sales, including the Deposit Program. 

Can I adjust an open order placed through Klarna?

Yes and no, we are unable to edit orders placed through Klarna, however we can remove its from the order. If something is ordered incorrectly, please contact us and we can either remove the item, or cancel the order for you.


If you have further questions, or problems with checkout please contact Klarna directly at