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  • Discounts & Deals Guidelines

    We offer up several different types of sales, discount codes, and store credit deals to offer special savings to our customers. Due to software constraints on our store, sometimes these deals can have the ability to "double up" or "overlap," making for cumulative discounts. We ask our customers to observe these rules and guidelines when partaking in our sales.


    Coupon codes - Coupon codes are often configured to only work on specific products or product categories. They do not, however, have the ability to be invalidated by our software when being used with VIP Program discounts or sale items. Unless otherwise noted, all coupon codes are only valid to be redeemed with regularly priced products and cannot be used with sale items.


    VIP Program - We offer special pricing programs for industry professionals, guides, and military. Rules for these members can be found on our VIP & Military Programs page.

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